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Myself and Holistic Therapy

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What is Holitic Therapy?

What is


As a Holistic Therapist, I focus on promoting the physical and mental well-being of individuals, addressing the challenges of a fast-paced society.


I belong to a category of professionals who utilize various disciplines, some of which have ancient origins from the East, to enhance people's well-being.

Through a systemic approach, I identify the root causes of disturbances and support the restoration of balance on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.


My aim is to go beyond symptoms, focusing on the underlying causes of discomfort and fostering positive changes in my clients.

As Holistic Therapists, we are the foremost advocates of well-being. To achieve it and guide others towards harmony, it is essential to balance every aspect of life.

Theory alone is insufficient: empathy, practice, curiosity, and inner freedom are crucial in facilitating the transformative process for our clients.

I collaborate with traditional medicine, offering a complementary approach to individual well-being. We provide integrative support for physical, mental, and emotional balance, ensuring a comprehensive and integrated perspective on health.


Holistic Practitioners do not perform diagnostic activities and never recommend discontinuing ongoing medical therapies from doctors and other specialists.


What are

☼  Gain greater awareness of yourself and your needs

☼  Foster empathy, compassion, and self-love towards yourself and others

☼  Address your whole self, considering the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your health

☼  Understand the mind-body-spirit connection and how they influence each other

☼  Learn holistic practices to handle difficult situations and promote personal growth

☼  Develop healthy coping strategies and stress management techniques

☼  Enhance your overall well-being and quality of life

☼  Promote self-care and self-empowerment

☼  Discover and align with your values and life purpose

☼  Cultivate a sense of balance, harmony, and inner peace

Foster sustainable personal growth

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About me

my journey

Hello, I'm Allegra. I am a holistic therapist and coach, but I haven’t always been. In the past few years, I have changed careers, homes, languages, cultures and lifestyles many times in the pursuit of systemic well-being – a union between body, mind and spirit. Now that I have found mine, I help others find theirs.


You see, my journey began when I was not far from where you are now. I led a life based on overworking, over-studying, and overachieving. Hinging my happiness only on performance, I could never fully rest or enjoy my life. After many years on autopilot full of fears and anxiety, the call to drastically change my life grew stronger and stronger.


I needed to address the fundamental problems I was experiencing: chronic body pain, psychosomatic body pain, and spiritual starvation – the search for serenity to understand who I really was and what I wanted from life without conditioning and external expectations.


Then, I experienced a major burnout that took a toll on my mental health and body, leaving me bedridden in excruciating pain for weeks. I realized at that moment that my mental and physical health were closely interconnected and it was time to intervene. 


So, I took a leap of faith and did what many dream of doing – I quit my corporate job and moved to Las Palmas in the Canary Islands where I embarked on a journey of study in holistic traditions and healing practices. There, I experienced my spiritual awakening and established my connection with my inner self.


My journey has taken me around the world in the search to find healing disciplines and practices which I have cultivated from my experiences and learnings from various cultures, spiritualities, masters, and dear companions.


I moved to Thailand to practice silent meditation and Vipassana at Doi Suthep Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai. I also studied meditation in the light of the Theravada Buddhist Tradition. I then lived in an ashram for 4 months and studied the ancient disciplines of Traditional Tantra from a renowned Tantric Guru from the Kaula System.


I learned to connect with our shared wholesomeness through deep practice and self-inquiry of its teachings, dedicating 12 hours a day to unfold every subtle part of myself through Traditional Tantra Yoga, Ayurvedic Waking Massage, Pranayama, Puja, Philosophy and Metaphysics.


Since then, I have obtained several certifications in Access Bars®Therapy, Coaching, Counseling, Inner Connection and Channeling, as well as Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis.


Every day I pursue my passion for systemic knowledge and understanding of humanity and all that lies behind the network of life. Thanks to my background in International Economics and Politics in the International Development field, and my deep curiosity for psychological sciences and holistic disciplines, I embrace a macro and micro perspective in my understanding of our world.


Through daily practices and meditations, I found balance and healing. I was able to establish grounding that removed all my fear, anxiety, pain and sadness. I found purpose and vision in accepting every part of me, and now I am devoted to sharing my knowledge with you. 


My goal is to help you cultivate a strong connection with yourself and your health. Your well-being is important, and you deserve to understand who you really are and what you want out of life. I am here to support you on this journey of empowerment.


Align with your true self ☼ 


Love & light


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